How to verify if the Cloud Link Service is working

You can check the status of NetWitness Platform Sensor List on the cloud to verify the successful registration of Cloud Link Service. The status must reflect as Connected for the Cloud Link Service to start transferring data. You can use this status to monitor the Cloud Link Service and troubleshoot registration failures.

Verification flow

To verify the status of the Cloud Link Service:

  1. Log in to the NetWitness Platform on the cloud.
  2. Go to admin icon Admin > Sensor List.
    The following information is displayed for every Cloud Link Service registered in your deployment:
Detail Description
Device ID A unique device-id is generated for the Cloud Link Service once it is registered. Example: 80c8949e-0e4b-41ab-9ca7.
Status Status of the Cloud Link Service:
- Registered: The Cloud Link Service is registered successfully.
- Connected: The Cloud Link Service is connected and operating normally.
- Disconnected: The Cloud Link Service is not connected.
Device Type Type of sensor that is installed and registered. Example: CLOUD_LINK.
Activation Keys It is the activation key used to register the Cloud Link Service.

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